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Hi there! I am so happy that my poster was among the 50 best posters in the Gr Design magazine poster design competition 2020 for Covid-19! It is such a great honour to be able to see my work in the exhibition hall of Pressious Arvanitidis printing company and to be featured in the Gr Design magazine of this month's printed edition. The last couple of months have been a difficult period for all of us and Covid-19 has affected most, if not all, aspects of our daily lives. Designing a poster for such a vast subject with countless of issues being adressed and depicted every day through social media and TV has been a challenging task. I chose the most positive and cheerful side of this new restrictive reality which could only be seen through the eyes of a little dog all dressed and ready for its walk. It reminds us only to text reason 6* before heading out :)

*reason 6 was the text code for dog walking in Greece during the Covid-19 quarantine period




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