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Born in 1995, Katerina Siskopoulou is a freelance illustrator based in Athens, Greece/ She graduated from the University of Westminster in London with a Degree in Illustration and Visual Communication (BA Hons) in 2017/ Her interests range from illustration and design for publishing to clear cut graphics for promotional campaigns and awareness raising/ Her current focus is children's books illustration using digital or traditional means/ She values colour and handwritten text/ Her latest interests include writing and mural painting


Psichogios Publications/ Martis Publishing

Patakis Publishers/ Ydroplano Books

Benaki Museum shops/ Alpha Bank/ New Page newspaper

Gavrielides Books/ Keimena Books


Anatolia College student magazine Voices interview

Guest art professional / Online / 2023


Κos Voice/ The magic world of the children's book

Η Φωνή της Κω/ Ο μαγικός κόσμος του παιδικού βιβλίου 

Illustrator of the month for July / Online / 2021


TheAthinai/ Θεαθήναι interview

Illustrator of the month for May / Online / 2020


Gr Design magazine 50 Posters for Covid-19

Selected design / Athens / 2020


Anatolia Elementary School We create for our school

Guest alumni artist / Thessaloniki / 2019

Gr Design magazine New Designers Award

Best poster design / Athens / 2017

Gr Design magazine Alpha Bank Award 

Best poster design / Athens / 2017

Kinderdocs guest speaker / Athens / 2017


Richmix Arts Centre exhibition / London / 2017


508 Kings Road Chelsea Gallery exhibition / London / 2017


Creative Debuts exhibition/ London / 2016

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